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Dr. John P. Bederka, Jr., PhD

Dr. John P. Bederka, PhD - IME Expert Medical Legal Witness
Toxicull Associates

780 Austin Avenue, Aurora IL 60505
(630) 820-0746  phone
(630) 327-8154  work
(630) 820-0755  fax

Email:  toxicull@gmail.com

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Medical Expert Witness Specialties  

Alcohol related events, Drugs of Abuse Scenario Evaluations, Prescription Medication Incidents, Workplace Injuries, Solvent related Cognitive dysfunction.

IME Specialties / Professions  

Toxicology and Pharmacology Consultant.

Areas of Expertise   Alcohol (DUI), Drugs of Abuse, Therapeutic Drugs, Forensic evaluations, Workplace accidents.

Academic and industry employment efforts with hundreds of depositions and trials during 40 years thru 2012.

Articles Written   Marijuana Impaired or Just Cannabinoid Positive?PDF document
Degrees   Ph.D.
Years in Practice   30+
Number of File Reviews   100's
Depositions   50+
Trials   50+

Waynesburg College
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, 1955-1956

B.S. Chemistry
West Virginia University, 1959

M.S. Organic Chemistry
West Virginia University, 1961

Doctoral Candidate, Chemistry
Washington State University, 1962

Ph.D., Pharmacology
Medical College of Virginia, 1967

Postdoctoral Trainee, Neuropharmacology
Department of Pharmacology
University of Minnesota, 1967-1968

bullet Alcohol
bullet Benzene
bullet Carbon Monoxide
bullet Drugs of Abuse
bullet Ethylene Chlorides
bullet Formaldehyde
bullet Gases
bullet Halogenated Hydrocarbons
bullet Isocyanates
bullet Jaundice
bullet Ketones
bullet Lead
bullet Mercury
bullet Nitrosamines
bullet 0-T-C Drugs
bullet Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
bullet Quality Control
bullet Relative Causality
bullet Solvents
bullet Toluene
bullet Urine Data Analyses
bullet Blood Data Analyses
bullet Breath Data Analyses
bullet Vascular Toxicity
bullet Workplace Hazards
bullet Xenobiotics
bullet Yusho Disease
bullet Zinc

ACCU-Lab Medical Testing, Inc.
Laboratory Director

Drugs of Abuse Analysis, Expert Witness Testimony Toxicology

Tox-I-Cull, Associates

Therapeutic and Environmental Chemical Exposure evaluations; site inspections; health and environmental data acquisition; fire-associated health assessments; technical in-service development

Doctor's Data, Inc., Research & Development
West Chicago, Illinois
President, R&D; Laboratory Director

New test development, muIti-element and amino acid and intermediary metabolite analyses; professional presentations; laboratory director; consultant on toxicology and nutriture

Department of Pathology
Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine University of Illinois Medical Center
Section Head, Toxicology-Pharmacometrics Clinical Pathology

Directed the laboratory specializing in toxicology and drug monitoring; medical, graduate and undergraduate student training and education; consultations

Professional Affiliates   TASA and www.JurisPro.com as consultative referents


The poppy seeds did it !
Urine Drug Screening: How wide is the test window?
Urine element composition in chelant - treated children.
"Lead Poisoning" --- a NO BRAINer !
Breath Alcohol testing is Scientifically indefensible; but, Societally acceptable !

Efficacy of Ilab 900 semi quantitative screen for opiates.


1974 M.A.Q. Khan and J.P. Bederka, Jr. (eds.), Survival in Toxic Environments. Academic Press, Inc., N.Y. 1974, 558 pp.


Curriculum Vitae (CV)   Dr. John P. Bederka, Jr., PhDPDF document
Jurisdictions of Licensure   Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri

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